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2014 State of the County Health Report
2015 Community Assessment


Community Assessment: Measuring the Well-Being of Community Residents
At least every four years an assessment is conducted in partnership with Cone Health – Alamance Regional, Alamance County Health Department and United Way of Alamance County in which the county’s current health and social strengths and challenges are compiled.

Our work is focused around the priority areas derived from the Community Assessment process. This information is used to set priorities for action, drive charity care and direct funding. The purpose of the Community Assessment is to gain a better understanding of the well-being of residents in the community.

The assessment captures a snapshot of the current environment in Alamance County by gathering statistics from reliable research sources, surveying opinions of county residents, and accessing the knowledge of our key leaders and decision-makers. The information can be utilized to help grant writers as well as help inform agencies, businesses and residents about the community.

Healthy Alamance recognizes the clear link between health and social well-being as well as the impact of collaboration on health outcomes.

As a result of the 2015 Community Assessment we are currently focusing on three areas:
1) education
2) economy and
3) access to care

Want to be involved in addressing these health priorities? To schedule a presentation and learn how, contact Healthy Alamance-

Facilitating Dialog and Collaboration
In 1997, over 150 Alamance County citizens came together to talk about health issues specific to our area. These leaders knew that in order to progress toward improved well-being, individuals would have to take responsibility for their own health. This could only happen when communities were allowed to choose the issues that were important to them. It was from this process that Healthy Alamance was born.

Today, this non-profit 501c3 organization serves as an umbrella facilitating dialog and collaboration among local leaders, elected officials, local municipalities, stakeholders, health and human service agencies, businesses, schools and residents who focus on identifying and prioritizing community health and quality of life issues.